Which of the following is not a cloning vector for bacteria? – Let’s Know!

Which of the following is not a cloning vector for bacteria

Q. Which of the following is not a cloning vector for bacteria? Choose one correct option from below.

This is an MCQ Based question which is asked in an examination. This is a question of biology in which you have to choose the correct answer from the given options.


  1. Plasmid
  2. pBR322
  3. T- DNA
  4. Bacteriophage – Correct

From the above, Option – D is the correct answer for the following.  The remaining options don’t fit right for the given situation.

In this article, we will break each term for you to understand the complete concept of cloning vector.

Why Option – D is considered as the correct option / why it is not considered as a cloning vector for bacteria?

Option – D – Bacteriophage is not a cloning vector for bacteria, as they are considered as those viruses which infect bacteria and destroy them.

This viruses attack on the bacteria and replicate themselves, in simple terms it means they copy them exactly.

Does remaining Options are cloning vector of Bacteria, Why?

Yes, all the other options including Options A , Option B, and Option C act as a cloning vector of Bacteria for the substance.

All these three options excluding option D is a genome which helps to identify and to accept the Target DNA ( ) in bodies. After identify the target DNA they increases themselves by replicating themselves which protect an individual from being infected.

  • Option A – Plasmid – It help bacteria with genetic gains or benefits. An advantage of antibiotics resistance this helps to fight back the duplicate vector.
  • Option B – pBR322 – It help to code for generating protein. This protein help to increase the numbers by replicating in a plasmid.
  • Option C – T DNA – It help in the tumor induction. This is known as abbreviated DNA. It is responsible for the transfer of homologous to plant nuclear genome.

Cracking the Terms from the following to understand the Concept

About Cloning Vector

It is considered as a small piece of DNA which can be maintained stable in an organism, foreign DNA fragment are installed into this vector to increase in numbers or one can understand it as process of cloning vector.

About DNA

Deoxyribonuleic Acid is a composition of two polynucleotide chains which relaxed inside each other to form a biological term called helix.

About Bacteria

In biology there are two types of bacteria. One is Good bacteria and another one is Bad bacteria. Good bacteria fight against the viruses like Bacteriophage to protect the body. Bad bacteria tries to infect the body.

List of following which are not a cloning vector for bacteria

Four viruses which are not a cloning vector but they have the ability to replicate them as one.

  1. Probe
  2. Sall
  3. EST
  4. Bacteriophage


In this Educational article, we have served you with an answer you were looking for. Apart from Bacteriophage, there are various other viruses who replicate themselves to infect the good bacteria.

We have even cracked few biological terms for your understanding. These are all basic terms that we all had read in Science. We hope that it helps you to understand the whole concept of cloning vector and it’s role.

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