When you are searching for a word in a dictionary you are? Lets Explain.

When you are searching for a word in a dictionary you are

If you are searching for a word in a dictionary, it means you are scanning it. Scanning means searching for something, a particular piece or word. There are various other alike options which somewhat relates to this but, those are not the right name to define this process.

In this article, we’ll be disclosing why Scanning is the right answer along with some other alike options which can’t fit in the situation. An example is used to make it more simple for you to understand.

This is a Multiple choice Based question which is usually asked in an examination.


  1.  Skimming
  2. Scanning – Correct
  3. Intensive Reading
  4. Close Reading

From the above options, Scanning is the correct answer for the situation. Option – B is the right choice of answer as Scanning is a process of looking or searching for something. Therefore, the remaining options don’t fit right for the given question.

Scanning is a driven word which drives the reader, it focus on the single word which holds the complete meaning inside it. This doesn’t relates to the complete meaning of term.

For e.g.: Looking for a word in a dictionary.

Why does the remaining Options are not the right choice for the above question?

The remaining options are not the right choice as they define some other meaning which doesn’t suit the demand of the question.   

Skimming (Option – A)

Skimming is a process in which we refer the context in order to take some rough idea. It is believed that it limits our level of understanding the whole scenario, as we don’t read the complete story.

This doesn’t mean searching or scanning therefore it was not the right option to go with.

For e.g.: Looking for all the main points in a material.

Intensive Reading (Option – C)

Intensive Reading is an opposite of Skimming. In this process readers go through the material with complete focus. They read each and every thing in detailing with passion to conquer their specific learning tasks.

It doesn’t mean search for a word from any angle, this indicates a different meaning and therefore, we can’t choose this option for the given situation.

For e.g.: It means going for a text from the complete material to testify whether the statement is true or false.

Close Reading (Option – D)

Close Reading is an art of focusing on specific things in a paragraph, passage or context. It aim to conquer the meaning from the context through analysis.

This option indicates a way different meaning from what we need. It follows the process of analysis, therefore this option get rejected for the given situation.

For e.g.: Reading each text, word, sentence and material for discovering some meaning from it is termed as close reading.


It is a simple question, as they have used alike options, it may create confusion so, be careful before selecting the one. All the remaining options apart from Scanning which is Option – B,  are related to the same context. Everything is connected to reading so, it may influence your choice of option.

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