Under What Circumstances Does an Online Casino Freeze a Player’s Account?

There are a number of reasons why a casino may freeze a player’s account. It can be upsetting for a player to receive a notification saying an online account has been frozen. Legitimate online casinos will notify a player immediately if an account is blocked. They will also give the reasons why this has been done. A player may be able to have an account unblocked in some situations while others may result in a permanent block. 

Too many unsuccessful login attempts

Online casinos have safety features that detect when too many login attempts are made to a specific account. It could be a case of hackers trying to brute force a password. Players can get in touch with support if this happens and reactivate the account. It won’t be long before they can get back into the account and play online slots if they convince support it was them. 

Failed verification

When players create an account, they must complete a verification process. They must provide an I.D. or proof of their identity to verify their account. Licensed casinos must verify players as they agree to comply with various regulations. They can’t accept underage players. Regulations are very strict when it comes to underage gambling. Regulatory policies are also designed to prevent money laundering on gambling sites. It’s part of the digital landscape today to have to verify an online account. 

Inadvertently creating a duplicate account

Online casinos only allow an individual to set up a single account. They can track down duplicate accounts through the IP address. When several accounts connect to the same casino from one IP address, they could be blocked. One reason for creating a duplicate account could be that a player forgets the account details and tries to create another one. 

Deliberately creating a duplicate account

Some players may deliberately create more than one account in an attempt to claim welcome bonuses. These are the bonuses casinos offer to attract new players. They may receive free spins or a deposit bonus. If players are caught taking advantage of bonuses by creating more than one account, they could be subject to a permanent ban. 

Unusual banking transactions

Criminals often use gambling sites to legitimize illegal funds. This is why casinos need to report any suspicious activity. In the U.S., operators have to report any transactions that exceed $5,000. You can set up your banking rules on your bank account to categorize transactions and pick up unusual ones. This allows you to quickly detect and report any illegal activity. 

Violating terms and conditions

When players sign up for a casino, they agree to certain terms and conditions. Breaking them could result in an account ban. A major offense is to provide fake information to an operator when verifying an account. Players also overlook rules about deposits or payment methods by not reading the terms thoroughly. Those who commit some minor offense usually find it fairly easy to have an account reinstated when they contact customer support.