Petpooja Login: The Ultimate Billing Software for Your Restaurant

Petpooja Login

If you are running a food business and looking for the best billing software. Then this article can help you. Who does not know Petpooja, a smart restaurant billing system. In this article we are going to discuss this software. It includes Petpooja login steps, features, price and more. So, let’s read the article and get a better insight of it. 

An Overview of Petpooja

Petpooja POS restaurant billing system is created with the Indian restaurateurs. With the help of this system the restaurant owners can enhance their profits and create essential customization with the beneficial designed solutions for their businesses.

It is an AI system for optimizing the operations of a restaurant, as it enhances both the front-end and back-end performance. To access the software you need to install it and go through the Petpooja login process. It makes sure that businesses must have less amount of wastage, as it offers the simple solutions that are common management issues in restaurants. 

Uses of Pet-pooja Software

There are numerous uses of this software that are given below:

  1. Food Trucks
  2. Food Delivery Services
  3. Cloud Kitchens
  4. Quick Service Restaurants
  5. Dessert Shop
  6. Bakeries
  7. Bars
  8. Coffee Shop

Features of Petpooja

There are several of this system and here we have given some of them below: 

  • Effective Management: The system has an effective management service including KOT, home delivery, recipe,menu and table. everything can be managed through it. Meanwhile, using this system for your restaurant can be helpful as it can enhance your productivity and simplify your work with an efficient process. 
  • Payment options: Here you can get numerous payment options like Credit cards, UPI, mobile wallet and debit cards. Also, it offers a smooth billing process. Each user will get their bills and invoice for every single purchase. 
  • Enhanced Customer Communication: Through this system you can have an enhanced customer system as it merges the emails and SMS services. 
  • Exciting Offers: The owner of the restaurant can create the best and exciting offers for engaging the customers and enhancing the revenue.

Petpooja Login Steps

As we described above, the access way of the software is to finish the petpooja login process. So, here are the steps that can be utilized from its dashboard: 

  1. To access the platform you need to go on your favorite browser on your device.
  2. Now, visit the official website of pet pooja through its search bar.
  3. On the dashboard of the site, search for the “petpooja login” option and tap on it. 
  4. After that, it will redirect you to the new page where you have to enter your details like mobile number and Email address. 
  5. In case you don’t want to type your details, then you can simply select the “sign in with Google” option.

Petpooja Application Downloading Steps

Following are the steps to follow for downloading the petpooja merchant App, for monitoring your restaurant’s sales: 

  1. Open the browser of your device or the google play store. 
  2. Now, search for the petpooja application and go to the official result. 
  3. After that, tap on the install button and it will start downloading.
  4. Once the process gets completed, tap finish the installation and use the software on your device. 

Benefits of Petpooja’s Platform

As you have read the features and other information about the system, now it is also required to understand the benefits of it. Thus, Here we have mentioned them below: 

  • Easy to Access: The system can be accessible from your device and web page too as it offers an easy to access feature. Also, the best part is that you can use it through both devices android and iOS.
  • Multiple Outlet Functionality: It supports the multiple outlet functionality that helps you in tax reporting as you can collect the data from it through a single screen.
  • Rights Management: You can manage the rights of your employee and control what they access such as cash drawer management. 

Price of Petpooja’s Software

To use this software you need to be aware about its pricing. However, its initial cost is Rs 10,000/year. There are some extras that we have given below: 

  • POS Core Plan: As per this plan, you will have a smooth cloud-based POS system which can work with OS and a fast inventory management and more. It costs Rs. 10,000/year.
  • Petpooja’s Plus: Using this plan will cost you 7500/year. Through this plan you will get an easy tech solution. Also, it will sync with the POS, Window apps and Android perfectly. 

Top 10 Alternative of Petpooja Software

  1. GOFRUGAL Restaurant POS
  2. TallyPrime
  3. Restroworks
  5. Horizon ERP
  6. PosBytz
  7. JustBilling
  8. Limetray – Restaurant Management
  9. RetailGraph Software
  10. Torqus POS


Petpooja POS is a smart software system that helps the restaurants to have a smooth billing process. In this article, we have talked about this system and tried to cover its all components. It includes the petpooja login process, features, uses, price, benefits and more. You can check out the system and its offering through its official website. 


The information given in the above written article is truly based on our research and for the informational purpose only. We do have the ownership of any platform or do not promote any site. Thus, in case of inaccuracy we will not be responsible. Our aim is to help our audience to make well informed decisions. Meanwhile, it is advisable to look for the official domain for a better insight. 

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