Micronavdisha: A Comprehensive Overview


Micronavdisha is an online service provider firm which serves with navigation system and services. It is one of the safe and secured portals to avail services.

If you’re a marine firm and looking for the best navigation indicator then, Navdisha is the one. In this post, we will brief you about its functioning, features, benefits, safety measurements, and much more

About Micronavdisha

Micronavdisha is an online portal on which users can avail all the products and services that are relatable to the navigation system. It is a navdisha indicator which means it directs the ships into the right direction. This indicate the location for the marine servicers, it understand the actual location and then direct them into the right path. It shows the right directions to the ships and marine operators to reach their destinations. This navigation system has reviewed to be the best source of indicator.

To avail services on this platform, one need to register themselves on their official site. By being their member you can purchase all essentials products and services. If you want to detect the right angle of water conditions install Navdisha software within your ships.

Registration Process on the Micronavdisha login portal

To register yourself on the Navdisha login portal follow these steps:

  • Go the browser and search for their official site on it.
  • Open their official site by clicking on their login link.
  • Once the login portal is open, choose the sign up option or click on the registration.
  • Then, put all the inputs and create a verified account.
  • Once your ID and password is setup it means you have successfully registered on it.
  • To avail and products and services you can simply login into it and can make a purchase.

Micronavdisha’s Login Portal

Their Login portal is a method to get an accessibility to the door of navigation products and services. It is one of the secured mode to perform dealing of the navigation system.

Their login system demands their clients to get registered on it for future connection and purchase of the navigation. This is an unique market, many of you have read about such market and business for the first time, and yes it is true.

Top 7 Navigation Features offered by MicroNavdisha

  1. User Friendly Interface for the Users
  2. Offline Navigation Capabilities
  3. Seamless Cross Data Integration
  4. Real Time Data Updates
  5. Fastest Navigation Software
  6. Location Based Services
  7. Optimize Training Module

How to download Micronavdisha Application?

They have created their own application on the name of Navdisha. This application is great for the client as well as for their business. It is great opportunity for them to connect with more clients.

To download their application follow these steps:

  • Open the browser or your App Store in your device.
  • Search for the Navdisha application over there.
  • Download the verified application from the category.
  • Once downloaded, do the Installation of the application in your device.
  • To the login into your account, and save it for regular connectivity and future requirements.

Reset or Recreate your password on Micronavdisha’s portal

To reset or to recreate your password you need to follow these steps:

  • Search for the official link of the portal on the browser.
  • Click on the official link of the browser.
  • Go to the forget password option on the login page of the application.
  • Select the forget password and click on it.
  • Now do the input of your email ID and Password.
  • Once you entered verify it with an OTP.
  • Now, Create New password and reconfirm it.
  • Once the above steps are completed do the login into account.

Benefits of MicroNavdisha’s Platform

  • They have their own login portal and application for easy connectivity and enjoyment.
  • It is one of the top rated navigation manufacturing firm in the World.
  • They develop relatable products and services for their clients.
  • They deal within this market only which makes them more competitive and strong.
  • Their Navigation system helps marine ships to get the right route map to their direction.
  • Navdisha itself means giving you the right direction.
  • Their software helps marine survivors to risk their life’s without any worries.

5 Major Enhancement Navigation Characteristics

  1. Voice Activated Command Feature
  2. AI Powered Predictive Tech Option
  3. 3D Mapping Feature
  4. Expanded Device Compatibility
  5. Multi Platform Synchronization

How to connect with Micronavdisha’s team?

If you have any queries, doubts or looking for an advice you can easily connect with the team of Navdisha. Easy connection is possible through mail and contact number.

They have provided both the details on their home login page in their official site.

Email ID: helpdesk.microlab@anant.co.in

Contact Number: 8799929463

Top 10 Safety Measures of Micronavdisha

  1. Secure Socket Layer Encryption
  2. Regular Security Checks
  3. Two Factor Authentication
  4. Firewall Protection
  5. Access Control
  6. Software Updates
  7. Policies and Regulations
  8. Incident Response Plan
  9. Accessing Control
  10. Monitoring Activities and Audit Check


Micronavdisha is one of the best sources of Navigation software. This navigation model is used by the marine line people who travel in sea. It helps them to get the right direction towards their destination. For easy connectivity and installation, you can connect with the team of Navdisha.

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