Instanavigation: Anonymous Monitoring on Instagram Made Simple


Instanavigation software is designed in such a way that it can hide your identity and privacy from others. You can follow other users on Instagram without being raising awareness. Is it ethically right? What’s your opinion? and much more.

About Instanavigation

Instanavigation is an anonymous navigation system through which one can oversee the activities of other users without getting caught. A simple, free and easy way to be updated of all the events that are going on Instagram.

With this navigation mode, you can keep an eye watch on your friend stories, posts and all other events without being addressed. This channel helps the users with the tips and tricks to increase their followers.

Features of Instanavigation

Intuitive Interface

It means they have designed it with smooth and easy touch options. They claim that the new users will find no problem in doing the navigation.


They ensure the privacy of their users. They are bound to protect and hide the details of the users during a navigation. Third parties can’t overlook the activities of the first users.

Free to Choose

Insta navigation doesn’t charge any amount for the facilities they provide. They came up with a  solution to make Instagram more interesting to use.


It is accessible through multiple devices and platforms. To check out all the latest events, updates and stories, you can choose this navigation model. They perform all the activities within convenient  duration.

Posts Feature

With the help of this portal, you can even post images, stories and reels on Instagram.

Continuous development

They ensure the continuous improvement in their application. The look over the resource availability and tracking system.

Getting Started With Instanavigation

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use this new tool to take full advantage of it:

  1. Open any browser you use and in the search menu, type ‘ ‘ and tap on the “Enter” button.
  2. You don’t need to log in or sign up when the website opens. You can use it directly.
  3. Click on the “View Story” icon, and then enter the username of any person you want to know about.
  4. Also, add the link to their account and then tap on the ‘Search’ button
  5. Now view any story, video, or post on that account without appearing in the viewer list and maintain your anonymity
  6. You also have the option to save any post that sparks your interest by clicking on the download button.

Posts and Blogs on Instanavigation

This platform is beyond sneaking or spying on someone. It adds posts and content on their channel to improve your followers and likes on Instagram. They are featured to deliver all the relatable content of Instagram to help the users to do some more with it.

Some of the top posts on Instanavgiation are:

  1. How to increase our reach and followers on Instagram!
  2. New and Updated Instagram Rules
  3. Technique to design a profile header on Instagram!

This site doesn’t comes under the management of Instagram. This is just a fan page, all the content are owned, managed and posted by the navigation authority to support their fans. Social media hasn’t brought this feature of spying someone’s profile behind their back.

Advantages of Using Instanavigation

Some of the top benefits of this site are:

  1. No account or registration are required.
  2. Nobody knows about your activity.
  3. Ability to download content.
  4. Checking on other stories without their awareness.
  5. Tips and Tricks to increase your followers and likes on Instagram.
  6. Free door to check on, easy to gather informational and updated rules of Instagram.
  7. No need to do login, simply add the Instagram ID and get all the updates.

Limitations of Insatnaviagtion

Some of the major drawbacks of this site are:

  1. This is not safe and secured portal to trust.
  2. It might hamper the provided data for its personal use.
  3. It is not even managed and controlled by the legal authorities of Instagram.
  4. People are not aware about their profile and privacy to be shared behind their back.
  5. It is just fan page, this sounds quite fun but it is unethical to check on someone’s stories and posts.

Alternatives of Insatnavigation

With the growth of social media, there is an insane boost in various fan pages and additional feature sites. As a smart being one should avoid participating in such websites and their programs.

This platform is an unique concept based site which promotes sneaking of others profile without their choice. They are promoting this disgust feature in a positive manner which is actually influencing the users.

Some of the top competitors of Insatnavigation are:


Tips to Enrich InstaNavigation Usage

Keep these new tips in mind to optimize the look of your Instagram Story in the same way on InstaNavigation:

  • Organize tracked accounts: Group expenses into names or categories based on interests or relationships. This organization facilitates transportation and assures that the idea is prioritized for the correct invoice.
  • Use shortcuts: Let Instanavigation recognize keyboard shortcuts or gesture controls (if applicable). These shortcuts make the journey easier and help the consumer get more green.
  • Feedback and Support: Provide InstaNavigation creators with feedback on their experience and hints to improve. Responsive aids and interactive features help optimize device features and usability.


There are no such detailed information available about this platform. This is a free navigation site to check in other stories, posts and events. One can check on all the news updates and events on the Instagram. It is not a safe and secured portal, there is no such disclosure about their privacy feature therefore, we won’t suggest you to input any ID on this channel. Smart features bring smart trap plan to make you fall into it, be smart and jump over it.

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